Why are we the right firm to help?

We believe we are the right firm to assist you in realizing the untapped financial potential of your patent portfolio. Here are some of the specific advantages we offer:

We offer a full-service approach
We assist with all aspects of a patent sales transaction, including:

  • Locating buyers
  • Analyzing patents using experts
  • Grouping or separating patents for sale, for maximum benefit
  • “Sifting” and screening large patent portfolios
  • Establishing pricing expectations (buyer and seller)
  • Negotiating the best price
  • Negotiating important terms other than the price
  • Drafting and revising contracts
  • Working on due-diligence compliance, to allow contract closing

Most ordinary “patent brokers” fail to provide some (or all) of those services. Ordinary lawyers do not assist in negotiations, lack skill in patent-sale transactions, or cannot evaluate patents.

We know how to apply patent knowledge to the specialty field of patent sales
Patents are not “fungible” assets, like crude oil or pork bellies. Merely listing a patent as “for sale” and waiting for bids is not enough. Patent sellers need representation from those who have the technical and legal capacity to understand the value of a specific patent and the market knowledge to identify potential buyers.

As patent enforcers, the Hoffman Patent Firm can explain why a patent is important and understand how it could be defended in a litigation or licensing discussion. We can apply our legal and technical expertise to position your patents in the best light and maximize your recovery.

Over the past decade, we have developed contacts and working relationships with buyers ranging from large commercial businesses to reputable patent funds, aggregators, and proxies. We know who is buying patents and why. As a result, we know how best to present a patent to get a particular buyer’s attention.

We are bound to strict loyalty to our clients
We pride ourselves on putting our client’s needs first. Our primary goal is maximizing our client’s recovery. Because we are attorneys, and not standard “patent brokers,” we can recommend and implement the best course of action for your specific situation. Sometimes that recommendation may be against an immediate sale.

We often represent patent sales clients on a “success-fee” basis, where our fees are paid as a portion of recovery. Operating on a contingency fee allows us to provide quality representation to clients who lack the resources to pay hourly fees or want to minimize their out-pocket costs. In addition, a contingency fee allows us to have a common interest with the client in maximizing the buyer’s bid price.

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