Our access to the scalable resources allows us to take on any project!

We are a small firm, but we take cases where we have the capability of seeing them through. In many instances, we take larger cases by using our contacts with other lawyers to put together a team that can handle the matter effectively. We have co-counseled with individual patent lawyers, small firms, and large mega-firms to represent our clients efficiently and effectively. We have handled one of the largest cases of all time.

We don’t apologize for our small size. We consider it an advantage: Patent owners who hire “mega-firms” typically have their matters assigned to a team of two or three lawyers anyway. A high-level partner, often will have only limited involvement, delegating tasks to a case manager and young associates. The client rarely gets to choose which lawyer is involved. Is there really a benefit to hiring a firm with hundreds of lawyers? Or is it more important to have the right professionals assigned, on an individual basis?

The teams we assemble are suitable for specific matters, and our clients have approval of who works on their projects.


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