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Google’s “Patent Purchase Promotion” Could be an Opportunity to Sell Your Patent – if You Are Careful!

(Updated May 5, 2015) Google announced this week an “experiment” through which it will consider buying patents that inventors submit to Google via a “streamlined portal.” Google has called this concentrated buying program “The Patent Purchase Promotion,” although Google appears

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Patent on a Joke: A serious discussion for April Fools’ Day

I received today a citation to a patent application, US Pat. Pub. 2006/0259306, entitled, “Business Method Protecting Jokes.” This was filed as an international (PCT) application by an English patent attorney, who told an interviewer that his purpose was “to

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Countries in which the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Does NOT Apply

As United States patent law becomes ever less “exceptional” compared to other patent systems, and as our the U.S. economy becomes ever more intertwined with the world economy, U.S. inventors and companies think harder about patent applications outside the U.S.,

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Federal Circuit Affirms Judgment for DDR Holdings

Mr. Hoffman (with litigation bag) with Danny and Del Ross, Mrs. Ross, and co-counsel Ian Crosby (rear) on the steps of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in D.C. after oral argument in May 2014 Earlier this month, we were

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